Workshop Services

  • keyboard_arrow_downPrioritization & Planning Workshops

    Ideal for busy, resource-constrained teams that need to get a lot done in a short period of time. These workshops help clarify priorities and build effective plans.
  • keyboard_arrow_downSolution Brainstorming Workshops

    Ideal for solving complex problems that require input from different groups. These workshops help develop a common view of a problem or opportunity, brainstorm ideas, and define solutions.
  • keyboard_arrow_downCommunication & Feedback Workshops

    Ideal for building energy and buy-in, and rallying teams behind a common goal. These workshops help communicate ideas, strategies and plans in an engaging way.

Featured Examples

  • keyboard_arrow_rightExecutive Planning Session
    This workshop was a facilitated one-day offsite with the executive management team of a large organization.

    Faced with numerous competing priorities, the workshop helped develop clarity and alignment on the key initiatives that the organization should pursue over the next year.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDepartment Planning Session
    We facilitated this workshop for senior managers within the Engineering department of our client's organization.

    The output of the workshop was a documented annual plan for the department - with objectives, strategies, initiatives, timelines and accountabilities for results.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIndustry Association Session
    This was a two-day working session that we helped facilitate for a working committee of an industry association.

    The workshop organized the thoughts and ideas of over 20 participants, and was used to document best practices and guidelines for management of technical records within member companies.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIssue Resolution Workshop
    This was a complex two-day brainstorming workshop with over 40 participants representing 8 departments within a large utility.

    The workshop helped to develop a common view of the key issues that were slowing down the process of connecting a new customer, and brainstormed various solutions to address the issues.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTownhall Meeting
    This was a town-hall session that we conducted for a department within our client organization with over 60 participants.

    The workshop was a good example of how a town-hall meeting could be made more fun, engaging and productive. Individual issues and challenges facing the department were brainstormed within smaller groups. This resulted in innovative ideas and solutions, all within a short period of time.

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