Strategic Planning

  • keyboard_arrow_downBusiness Strategies & Plans

    Build strategies and plans for managing customers, assets, work and other key elements of your business. Develop tangible goals and identify performance indicators to measure progress.
  • keyboard_arrow_downDepartment Strategies & Plans

    Ensure your team continues to be impactful. Clarify the evolving expectations, mandate and priorities of a department or organization within the enterprise. Then build strategies and plans to deliver tangible results.
  • keyboard_arrow_downIT System Roadmaps

    Optimize your technology investments. Build a compelling business case to improve or replace systems. We can evaluate IT systems and recommend options for a future course of action along with an implementation plan. Learn More ...
  • keyboard_arrow_downData and Technology Strategies

    Harness the power of data and technology - use them to gain a competitive advantage. Build strategies and plans to use and govern data and technology effectively within the organization.

Featured Projects

  • keyboard_arrow_rightAsset Management Strategy & Plan
    This was a series of projects we delivered for the Asset Management department of a large utility company.

    Collectively, the projects helped strengthen the asset management discipline of the company.

    We worked with the organization to develop asset management objectives, strategies, policies, processes, performance metrics and dashboards. Our work also involved facilitating the documentation of a 10-year asset plan that was required for regulatory filing.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCustomer Care Strategy & Plan
    This was a 3-month project that we delivered for the Customer Care department of a large utility.

    The main drivers of the project were improved customer satsifaction and optimized costs.

    We worked with our customer to develop a strategy and roadmap for delivery of customer care operations in the future. The deliverables included recommendations on which functions to outsource or repatriate back in-house.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIT Department Strategic Plan
    This was a project we delivered for the IT management team of an energy company.

    The output of the project was a 3-year IT department strategy. The main drivers were to develop an operating model for better alignment of IT with business teams, and to develop a clear direction on technology and systems for the future.

    As part of the project, several strategies were developed, along with an implementation plan with milestones, performance metrics, and accountabilities for execution.

    The outputs of the exercise were summarized and packaged for communication at various levels within the organization.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightOperations Systems Roadmap
    This was a project we delivered for the IT and Operations departments of a utility company.

    The output of the project was a clear vision and roadmap for evolving the portfolio of IT systems that were used to manage core business operations. The drivers were to enable evolving business strategies, drive cost efficiencies, and provide clear direction to make decisions on future IT investments.

    As part of this project we worked with a wide group of people, representing different parts of our client's business operations. The complexity was in articulating how technology strategies enabled some of the operating strategies of various business departments.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDSM/CRM Systems Roadmap
    These were two separate, but similar projects that we delivered for the Demand Side Management departments of two energy distribution companies.

    The output was a vision and defensible roadmap for evolution of IT systems to support planning and delivery of conservation programs. The main driver was to understand the opportunities to use technology to drive better results, and to develop a prudent plan for modernizing the existing set of systems.

    Our work on the project involved working with the Demand Side Management and IT departments to understand future business needs, identify current gaps, identify potential solutions, and determine the estimated costs and plan to execute the recommended solutions.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightLegacy ERP Replacement Plan
    This was a project we delivered for a mid-sized energy distribution utility company.

    The output was essentially a business case for the replacement of the legacy CIS system.

    As part of the project. we worked with the Customer Care and IT departments of the organization to assess the gaps in their legacy CIS and CRM systems, establish future requirements, compare replace versus upgrade options, and put together an implementation plan and estimate for replacement.

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