Independent Reviews

  • keyboard_arrow_downManagement System Reviews

    Review management systems for comprehensiveness and consistency. Identify issues, risks and opportunities for improvement. Recommend solutions to address the gaps.
  • keyboard_arrow_downIT Systems Reviews

    Review current IT systems to identify issues or risks related to functionality, usage, performance, reliability or ongoing maintenance. Recommend options and ideas to mitigate challenges.
  • keyboard_arrow_downProject Reviews & Health-Checks

    Review project activities, plans and interim deliverables to identify risks and issues. Put together constructive recommendations and work with the team to implement them.
  • keyboard_arrow_downReadiness Assessments

    Evaluate whether your business is ready for specific technology, process, organization or other changes. Identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop recommendations to plug the gaps.

Featured Projects

  • keyboard_arrow_rightAsset Management System Review
    This was a review we delivered for the Asset Management department of one of our customers.

    The review assessed the organization's physical asset management practices in relation to established industry standards.

    This helped identify gaps, and prioritize areas for further improvement to strengthen the organization's asset management discipline.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTraining Management Review
    This was an independent review we conducted for the technical training divisions of three lines of business within a large pipeline company.

    The review assessed documentation of the organization's management system for technical training, and identified areas for improvement and consistency.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightERP Project Risk Review
    This was an independent risk review we conducted of a large project that involved replacement of an ERP system for customer management.

    The review identified gaps, risks and other issues, and suggested recommendations for improvement to the executive project sponsor on project strategy, planning and execution.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightBilling Service Cost Study
    This was a cost study we conducted for a utility that provides third-party billing services.

    The study delivered an analysis of current and historic costs for specific billing services, and an estimation of future costs based on forecasts.

    The study involved review and validation of various business processes, and development of activity-based unit cost metrics.

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