Business Analysis

  • keyboard_arrow_downProcess Mapping & Design

    Reduce your risks by documenting how your current business processes work. See gaps and opportunities? Go a step further by refining processes to reduce inefficiencies and drive productivity.
  • keyboard_arrow_downRequirements Gathering

    Work with business users to identify and prioritize business requirements for IT systems. Translate requirements into documentation that can be easily understood by technical implementation teams.
  • keyboard_arrow_downData Modeling & Design

    Take control of your data and treat it as an asset. Model your business data relationships. Document data needs and determine how to structure and organize data going forward.
  • keyboard_arrow_downData Mining & Analysis

    Get to the root of business problems by diagnosing symptoms and underlying causes using data analysis. Develop solutions, and test hypotheses using scenarios and models.

Featured Projects

  • keyboard_arrow_rightCustomer Care Process Mapping
    This was a project we delivered for the Customer Care department of a utility company.

    The output was documentation of over 100 processes used within the organization for delivery of various customer care functions, including customer contact, billing, payments, credit and collections. This documentation set the foundation to identify and design various refinements to improve customer service and reduce inefficiencies.

    As part of the project, we facilitated sessions with a wide range of people, including in-house teams and external service providers.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCRM System Requirements
    This was a project we delivered for the Sales, Marketing and IT departments of one of our customer organizations.

    The output was a documented set of business and technology requirements for a new CRM system.

    This involved working with business users and IT staff to capture and prioritize system requirements at a level of detail that can be effectively used by the technology team for solution selection, planning and implementation.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCapital Management System
    This was a project we delivered for the Finance and IT departments of one of our customer organizations.

    The output was a set of re-designed business processes and accompanying requirements for a new system to manage the lifecycle of capital expenditures.

    The requirements spanned across several interconnected business processes and required input from a wide variety of business users from almost every department within the organization.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAsset Data Model
    This was a project we delivered for the Asset Management department within a gas utility company.

    The output of the project was a detailed specification of the utility's asset information model, including asset hierarchies, data requirements per asset class, data relationships, and recommendations on how the data should be organized and stored.

    The project involved working with internal engineering and operations teams, and leveraging available industry models where available.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCredit & Collections Data Analysis
    This was a project that we delivered for the Customer Care department of our utility client.

    Using data analysis and cause-effect modeling techniques, this project diagnosed the key causes that were contributing to unsettled billing account balances and bad debt. This analysis helped shine the light on real versus perceived issues, and to plug various process gaps.

    The project involved extracting and manipulating large volumes of data, applying analytic algorithms, and interpreting the results of the data analysis to develop various business process recommendations that addressed the issues.

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